Greg O’Gallagher’s Ultimate Workout Routine, Diet Plan, and Supplements Guide

Greg O’Gallagher's Workout Routine Diet Plan  Supplements

When it comes to fitness, Greg O’Gallagher knows what he’s doing. From his bulking programs to his shredding routines, Greg has become a star in the fitness world, with thousands of followers. What sets Greg apart is his progressive approach to workouts, focusing on muscle recruitment and constant progression.

Greg’s workout routine incorporates a variety of exercises, such as bench presses, weighted chins, and standing dumbbell shoulder presses. He also includes mini-sets and 15-second rest periods to keep the intensity high. One of his most essential exercises is the reverse incline bench, which targets the shoulders and upper back.

While working out is important, diet plays a crucial role in Greg’s fitness plan. Greg believes in providing his body with the right fuel to achieve his goals. His diet plan consists of high-protein foods, such as yogurt and lean meats, to support muscle growth. He also includes plenty of fiber-rich foods, such as berries, to aid in digestion.

However, Greg understands that diet alone isn’t enough, and sometimes supplementation is necessary. Greg has developed his own line of supplements, known as “OGallaghers,” which are designed to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall performance. These supplements are a fantastic addition to his fitness program, helping his followers achieve their fitness goals.

Quick Summary

Greg O’Gallagher, the star of the Kinobody fitness brand, has become well-known for his excellent physique and unique diet and workout plan. After struggling with weight loss himself, Greg developed a reverse pyramid training method that focuses on quick, intense workouts to maximize muscle recruitment and fat loss. His diet plan includes intermittent fasting and a focus on high-protein, high-fiber, and low-carb meals.

One of Greg’s most popular workout programs is his “Warrior Shredding Program,” which consists of three days of workouts targeting different muscle groups. The workouts utilize a combination of weighted exercises, bodyweight movements (such as pistol squats and chin-ups), and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Greg recommends doing mini-sets of 15-second intervals for exercises like push-ups and bench presses to increase muscle overload and promote muscle growth.

In terms of diet, Greg follows an intermittent fasting schedule, where he restricts his eating to an 8-hour window each day. He emphasizes the importance of consuming high-quality, nutrient-dense foods, including lean proteins, vegetables, and healthy fats. Greg also recommends taking specific supplements to support muscle growth and overall health, such as protein powder, creatine, and fish oil.

Greg O’Gallagher’s Stats and Achievements

Greg O’Gallagher, the founder of Kinobody and creator of various workout programs, has achieved impressive results in terms of his personal strength, physique, and overall fitness.

When it comes to shredding and maintaining a lean body, O’Gallagher’s workouts are designed to help individuals achieve their goals without depriving themselves of necessary nutrition. His approach includes focusing on lighter workouts and intermittent fasting to promote fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

  • His workout programs incorporate a combination of targeted exercises for different muscle groups, including dumbbell bench presses, weighted standing calf raises, weighted chin-ups, and incline dumbbell presses.
  • O’Gallagher’s brand emphasizes the importance of progressive overload, ensuring that each workout challenges the body and promotes muscle growth over time.
  • His workouts typically involve working out three to four days a week, allowing for rest and recovery between sessions while still providing enough time to stimulate muscle recruitment.

In terms of diet, O’Gallagher is a firm believer in the power of proper nutrition. His diet plan includes incorporating five essential ingredients: lean proteins, healthy fats, high-fiber carbohydrates, berries, and a nightly dinner. He advocates for intermittent fasting, allowing individuals to consume their meals within a specific time window to aid in fat loss and provide a structured approach to eating.

Greg O’Gallagher’s achievements and physique serve as a testament to the effectiveness of his approach. Whether individuals are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply get in shape, following O’Gallagher’s workout routines and diet plan can yield excellent results.

Greg O’Gallagher’s Workout Routine

Greg O'Gallagher’s Workout Routine

Greg O’Gallagher, the star of the superhero movie, is well-known for his impressive physique and strength. His workouts focus on developing the shoulders, triceps, and legs while maintaining a lean and shredded physique. He follows a progressive overload training program, where he gradually increases the weight or reps to challenge his muscles and continue making progress.

Greg’s workout routine includes exercises such as bench press, standing dumbbell shoulder press, incline dumbbell press, rope triceps pushdown, and pistols (single-leg squats). He doesn’t just work on his muscle size, but also on improving his strength and functional fitness.

A typical week for Greg consists of five workout days, with each day targeting a different muscle group. He includes mini-sets, which are short bursts of intense exercise that recruit more muscle fibers and increase muscle growth. He also incorporates intermittent fasting into his routine, which involves fasting for a certain period and then having a specific eating window.

  • Day 1: Shoulders and Triceps
  • Day 2: Rest
  • Day 3: Legs
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Shoulders and Triceps
  • Day 6: Rest
  • Day 7: Full Body

Greg’s diet plan is just as important as his workout routine. He follows a high-protein diet to support muscle growth and recovery. His meals typically consist of lean meats, vegetables, yogurt, and fiber-rich foods. He also takes supplements like protein powder and branched-chain amino acids to further enhance his muscle development.

“Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine is highly effective for building muscle and strength. His focus on progressive overload and mini-sets ensures that he constantly challenges his muscles and avoids plateaus. Combined with his strict diet plan and supplementation, Greg has achieved an impressive physique that has inspired thousands.”

Training Programs for Greek God, Warrior, and Superhero

When it comes to achieving a superhero physique, Greg O’Gallagher knows what it takes. His training programs for the Greek God, Warrior, and Superhero are specifically designed to help individuals build the most impressive and strong physique possible.

The Greek God program focuses on building a lean and sculpted body, with an emphasis on developing well-defined abs, a wide back, and strong shoulders. It incorporates heavy compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses, as well as targeted exercises like incline bench presses and weighted pistols. By following this program, you can work towards achieving the classic Greek God physique.

The Warrior program is designed to help individuals build strength and power for more athletic pursuits. It includes exercises like standing presses, weighted chin-ups, and reverse weighted dips to develop a strong upper body. The program also incorporates quick and intense workouts that focus on overload and recruitment of muscle fibers to build strength and endurance.

For those looking to achieve a superhero physique, the Superhero program is the way to go. It combines heavy compound lifts with explosive movements like plyometrics and sprints to maximize muscle growth and fat loss. The program also incorporates intermittent fasting and a diet plan that includes essential foods for shredding, such as lean proteins, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats.

Greek God Program Warrior Program Superhero Program
– Heavy compound lifts – Standing presses – Plyometrics and sprints
– Targeted exercises – Weighted chin-ups – Intermittent fasting
– Wide back and strong shoulders – Reverse weighted dips – Diet plan for shredding
– Well-defined abs – Quick and intense workouts – Essential foods for fat loss

Whether you’re aiming to achieve the Greek God, Warrior, or Superhero physique, Greg O’Gallagher’s training programs have got you covered. With a focus on heavy compound lifts, targeted exercises, and a balanced diet, these programs provide all the necessary tools to get you in the best shape of your life.

Fitness Millionaire Says No to Cardio

Gregs O’Gallagher, the fitness millionaire behind the popular workout routine and diet plan, is breaking the conventional wisdom by saying no to cardio. While many people believe that cardio is essential for weight loss and overall fitness, Greg O’Gallagher argues that it’s not necessary for achieving your desired results.

Gregs O’Gallagher’s workout routine focuses on strength training and muscle recruitment, rather than spending hours on the treadmill. He believes that by lifting heavy weights and challenging your muscles, you can achieve a more efficient and effective workout.

Instead of traditional cardio exercises like running or biking, Greg O’Gallagher incorporates high-intensity interval training (HIIT) into his routine. This type of training involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by periods of rest. It has been shown to be more effective for fat loss and improving cardiovascular fitness than steady-state cardio.

Benefits of Greg O’Gallagher’s No-Cardio Approach
1. Improved muscle strength and definition
2. Increased metabolic rate and calorie burn
3. Time-efficient workouts
4. Less risk of overuse injuries

Greg O’Gallagher’s diet plan also plays a crucial role in achieving his desired physique. He recommends a high-protein diet that includes foods like lean meats, eggs, Greek yogurt, and protein supplements. These foods provide essential amino acids for muscle recovery and growth.

While cardio may be effective for some people, Greg O’Gallagher’s no-cardio approach seems to work for most. His physique and success as a fitness millionaire speak to the effectiveness of his methods. So if you’re looking to get in shape, consider ditching the traditional cardio and giving Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine and diet plan a try.

Quick Workouts

When it comes to getting in shape, quick workouts can be essential. Greg O’Gallagher, a fitness star known for his program and supplements, understands the value of efficiency in the gym. He doesn’t believe in spending hours on end working out, but rather focuses on short, intense sessions to maximize results.

One of the most important aspects of O’Gallagher’s quick workout routine is the use of compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once. This not only saves time, but also allows for more effective muscle building and fat burning. For example, exercises like bench presses and weighted chins can work the chest, shoulders, and back all at once.

O’Gallagher also incorporates progressive overload into his quick workouts. This means gradually increasing the weight or difficulty of the exercises over time to continue challenging the muscles and promoting growth. By doing so, he ensures that his body never plateaus and continues to make progress.

While quick workouts are excellent for time efficiency, it’s important to note that they shouldn’t be the only form of exercise in your fitness routine. O’Gallagher himself recommends incorporating other activities like cardio, stretching, and mobility work to maintain overall fitness and prevent overuse injuries.

Recovery is Essential

When it comes to Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine, diet plan, and supplements, it’s clear that recovery plays a crucial role. Greg understands that in order to achieve optimal results and maximize muscle growth, proper recovery is essential.

Unlike many fitness enthusiasts, Greg doesn’t believe in working out every single day. He knows that pushing your body too hard without giving it time to rest and recover can actually hinder progress. Instead, he focuses on quality workouts with rest days in between.

Greg’s workout routine consists of heavy compound exercises such as chin-ups, weighted dips, and reverse incline dumbbell presses. These exercises target multiple muscle groups at once and allow for maximum muscle recruitment. After doing a few sets of heavy lifts, he often superset with quick isolation exercises to really pump the muscles.

But it’s not just about the workouts themselves, Greg also pays careful attention to his diet and supplements. He knows that nutrition plays a crucial role in recovery and muscle growth. He follows an intermittent fasting approach, where he fasts for 16 hours a day and consumes all his calories within an 8-hour eating window. This allows his body to enter a state of ketosis and utilize stored fat for energy.

When it comes to his diet, Greg focuses on high-protein foods such as lean meats, Greek yogurt, and protein shakes. He also incorporates plenty of fruits and vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For his workout days, he consumes a higher amount of carbohydrates to provide the energy needed for intense workouts.

In addition to his diet, Greg also takes a few key supplements to support his recovery and muscle growth. He includes a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement to enhance muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness. He also takes a high-quality protein powder to ensure he’s getting enough protein for muscle repair and growth.

All in all, Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine, diet plan, and supplement regimen are carefully designed to promote maximum muscle growth and recovery. By prioritizing quality workouts and allowing for adequate rest, along with fueling his body with the right foods and supplements, Greg has built an impressive physique and become a fitness star, inspiring thousands of people on their own fitness journeys.

Progressive Overload Isn’t Necessary

Progressive Overload Isn't Necessary

In the world of fitness, the concept of progressive overload is often touted as essential for building muscle and increasing strength. However, Greg O’Gallagher’s workout program challenges this traditional belief by emphasizing lighter weights and higher reps.

When following Greg’s program, you’ll find that working with lighter weights allows you to have a more focused and controlled workout, targeting specific muscle groups such as the shoulders, triceps, and back. This approach is different from other programs that promote heavy lifting and maximum strength.

One of the key tenets of Greg’s program is reverse pyramid training, where you start with a heavier weight and decrease the weight for each subsequent set. This helps to maintain proper form and avoid muscle fatigue, while still providing enough resistance to stimulate muscle growth.

Greg’s workouts primarily focus on compound exercises, such as bench presses, standing military presses, and weighted chin-ups, which engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. This approach not only saves time in the gym but also maximizes muscle recruitment and overall efficiency.

While progressive overload may be effective for some individuals, Greg O’Gallagher’s program shows that it isn’t necessary for everyone. By using lighter weights and higher reps, you can still achieve muscle growth, strength gains, and a shredded physique without depriving yourself of your favorite foods or spending hours in the gym.

Sample Workout

If you’re looking for a fantastic workout program that will help you build strength and muscle, Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine is worth considering. O’Gallagher, the brand behind the Kinobody fitness programs, became a star himself from his own transformation and has helped thousands achieve their fitness goals through his programs.

The workout program focuses on progressive overload, using dumbbell and bodyweight exercises to target all major muscle groups. One of the most effective exercises is the dumbbell bench press, which targets the chest, shoulders, and triceps. O’Gallagher recommends starting with lighter weight for the first set and gradually increasing the weight for each set. This not only helps with muscle recruitment, but also helps to avoid injury.

Another essential exercise in the program is the incline dumbbell press, which specifically targets the upper chest. O’Gallagher suggests performing mini-sets with a quick rest between each set to create an overload effect on the muscle. He also includes exercises like reverse warrior pistols and rope triceps extensions to target other muscle groups.

In addition to the workout routine, O’Gallagher emphasizes the importance of nutrition and supplements. He recommends following a diet plan that includes a combination of high-protein foods, such as yogurt and lean meats, along with intermittent fasting. O’Gallagher also suggests taking certain supplements to support muscle growth and recovery.

Sample Workout Sets Reps
Dumbbell Bench Press 5 8-10
Incline Dumbbell Press 3 8-12
Reverse Warrior Pistols 3 10-12
Rope Triceps Extensions 3 10-12

This sample workout is just a glimpse into the program created by Greg O’Gallagher. With his expertise and proven results, you can trust that his workouts and diet plans will help you achieve your fitness goals. So if you’re ready to take your fitness journey to the next level, give his programs a try and watch your strength and muscle grow.

Monday — Back and Shoulders

On Mondays, Greg O’Gallagher focuses on training his back and shoulders. This is an essential part of his workout routine and helps him build strength and muscle in these areas. In order to maximize his results, O’Gallagher includes a variety of exercises and techniques in his training plan.

One of the key exercises that O’Gallagher incorporates into his back and shoulder workouts is the weighted pull-up. This exercise not only targets the back muscles but also helps to improve overall strength and muscle recruitment. O’Gallagher typically performs multiple sets of weighted pull-ups, starting with lighter weights and gradually increasing the weight as the sets progress.

In addition to weighted pull-ups, O’Gallagher also includes other back exercises in his Monday routine, such as bent-over rows and lat pulldowns. These exercises help to target different areas of the back and ensure a thorough workout. O’Gallagher also includes shoulder exercises, such as dumbbell shoulder presses and lateral raises, to further develop his shoulder muscles.

While O’Gallagher focuses primarily on his back and shoulders on Mondays, he also includes some triceps exercises in his routine. This is because the triceps are often recruited during back and shoulder exercises, so it is important to give them some attention as well. O’Gallagher typically includes exercises such as triceps dips and standing triceps extensions in his Monday workout.


On Tuesday, Greg O’Gallagher incorporates a workout routine that focuses on muscle loss and shredding. He knows that losing muscle can be necessary when trying to achieve a lean and toned physique. However, he also understands the importance of maintaining strength and shape.

To prevent muscle loss, Greg performs high-intensity workouts with lower reps and progressive overload. He also incorporates intermittent fasting into his week to further enhance fat loss while preserving lean muscle mass. This approach became known as the “Warrior Shredding Program,” and thousands of people have found it to be an excellent way to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Greg starts his Tuesday workout with pistol squats, a challenging exercise that builds lower body strength and stability.
  • He then moves into weighted chin-ups, focusing on recruiting his back muscles and improving overall upper body strength.
  • To further target his arms and shoulders, Greg includes weighted dips and standing dumbbell presses.

After completing these exercises, Greg knows the importance of proper nutrition to support his workouts and reach his goals. For dinner, he includes a protein source such as chicken or fish, along with fibrous vegetables and berries for essential nutrients and fiber. He also incorporates supplements into his diet plan to support his muscle growth and recovery.

Exercise Sets Reps Rest
Pistol Squats 3 8-12 60 seconds
Weighted Chin-ups 3 8-12 60 seconds
Weighted Dips 3 8-12 60 seconds
Standing Dumbbell Presses 3 8-12 60 seconds

Wednesday — Legs and Biceps

On Wednesdays, Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine includes focusing on his legs and biceps. He doesn’t have a specific plan for reps and sets, but he prefers to overload the muscles to stimulate growth. However, he knows the importance of progressive overload, so he increases the weight or reps when necessary to continue making gains.

On leg days, Greg doesn’t do heavy cardio as it isn’t essential for muscle growth. Instead, he incorporates interval training and mini-sets to keep the intensity high and to work on his cardiovascular fitness. He may include exercises such as weighted pistols, dumbbell squats, and leg presses.

For his biceps, Greg works on increasing the strength and size of his arms. He includes exercises like standing dumbbell curls, hammer curls, and concentration curls. He also incorporates drop sets and supersets to challenge his muscles and promote muscle hypertrophy.


On Thursdays, Greg O’Gallagher incorporates a variety of exercises into his workout routine, focusing primarily on presses and triceps. He starts the day by performing weighted standing dumbbell presses, which help to develop his shoulder strength and size. Greg believes that incorporating heavy compound exercises like presses is essential for building overall strength and maintaining good posture.

After completing the presses, Greg moves on to a star triceps rope pushdown. This exercise specifically targets the triceps muscles and helps to create definition and strength in the arms. He performs 4 sets of 15-second overload sets on the triceps rope pushdown, emphasizing progressive overload to continuously challenge and stimulate muscle growth.

In addition to his workout routine, Greg’s diet on Thursdays consists of nutrient-dense foods that support his fitness goals. He typically has a protein-rich dinner, which includes lean meats like chicken or steak, as well as healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or rice. Greg also relies on supplements to enhance his athletic performance. He has found a brand of supplements that he believes works best for his body and includes them as part of his daily regimen.

Greg’s Thursday workouts are designed to push his limits and challenge his muscles, but he also understands the importance of rest and recovery. The day after his heaviest workouts, Greg focuses on lighter exercises that allow his body to recover and prepare for the next training session. By carefully planning his workouts and incorporating the necessary rest days, Greg is able to stay in shape and continue making progress towards his fitness goals.

– Friday — Chest and Triceps

On Friday, Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine focuses on training the chest and triceps muscles. This is an important day in his program because it helps build a well-rounded upper body and enhances overall strength and shape.

Greg’s Friday workout includes a variety of exercises that target the chest and triceps. He incorporates both compound and isolation movements to maximize muscle recruitment and achieve progressive overload. Some of the star exercises in his program include bench press, weighted dips, push-ups, and tricep extensions.

When it comes to his diet, Greg understands the importance of fueling his body properly to support his intense workouts. He emphasizes the consumption of nutrient-dense foods such as lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Greg also incorporates supplements into his routine to ensure he is getting all the necessary nutrients his body needs to recover and grow.

Reverse Pyramid

The Reverse Pyramid method of training is a popular and effective technique used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes to maximize muscle recruitment and stimulate muscle growth. This method, known as the “Reverse Pyramid,” was popularized by Greg O’Gallagher, creator of the Kinobody fitness program.

The concept behind the Reverse Pyramid is simple: start with your heaviest weight for the first set, then progressively decrease the weight and increase the number of reps for each subsequent set. This technique allows you to push your muscles to the limit and achieve maximum muscle recruitment.

When performing a Reverse Pyramid workout, you begin with the heaviest weight you can handle for a given exercise. For example, if you’re doing incline bench presses, you might start with 6 reps at 90% of your one-rep max. Then, you would decrease the weight by 10-15% and aim for 8 reps. Finally, you would decrease the weight again and aim for 10-12 reps. This progressive overload stimulates muscle growth, strength gains, and allows you to make continuous progress over time.

The Reverse Pyramid method is particularly useful for those looking to build muscle and strength while also focusing on fat loss. By pushing your muscles to their limits with heavy weights and high-intensity sets, you create an ideal environment for muscle growth and fat burning. Greg O’Gallagher’s Reverse Pyramid method, combined with his workout routines, diet plans, and supplements, provides a comprehensive approach to fitness that can help anyone achieve their goals, whether it’s to get shredded or build a superhero-like physique. So, if you’re looking for a quick and effective way to transform your body, give Reverse Pyramid training a try!

Rest Pause Training (RPT)

Rest Pause Training (RPT)

Rest Pause Training (RPT) is a progressive overload technique that Greg O’Gallagher incorporates into his workout routines to maximize muscle growth and strength gains. This training method is particularly effective for individuals who are bulking and looking to increase their overall strength and muscle mass.

RPT involves performing exercises with heavy weights and low reps, followed by short rest periods. The goal is to push your muscles to the point of failure and then continue the set after a brief rest period to achieve further muscle recruitment and improve overall muscle fatigue. This helps to stimulate muscle growth and increase strength.

In Greg O’Gallagher’s training programs, RPT is often used for compound exercises like bench presses, weighted chins, and pistol squats. By incorporating RPT into these exercises, Greg can focus on lifting heavier weights and gradually increasing the load week after week. This progressive overload is essential for stimulating muscle growth and strength gains.

During RPT, Greg typically performs five mini-sets within each exercise. After completing the first set of five reps with the heaviest weight, he takes a 15-second rest and performs another set with a slightly lighter weight. He continues this pattern until he reaches the final set, which may be significantly lighter than the heaviest set. This approach allows him to work his muscles to their maximum capacity while still maintaining proper form and technique.

While RPT is a challenging training method, it is also very effective in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Greg O’Gallagher’s incorporation of RPT into his workout routines, along with a balanced diet and necessary supplements, has allowed him to transform his physique and become a fitness star. If you’re looking to build muscle and increase strength, incorporating RPT into your training program may be beneficial for you as well.

Saturday & Sunday – Rest Days

During your Greg O’Gallagher’s workout routine and diet plan, it’s important to have designated rest days, and Saturday and Sunday are perfect for that. Rest days are essential for recovery and muscle growth. It gives your body a chance to repair and rebuild, helping you to avoid overtraining and injuries. Greg himself knows the importance of rest days and includes them in his workout plan to achieve optimal results.

On these rest days, you can take a break from the gym and give your muscles some time to recover. However, it doesn’t mean you should just sit on the couch all day. Lighter activities like walking, stretching, or doing some household chores can still be beneficial for your overall fitness and help you stay active.

Remember, rest days are just as important as your workout days. They allow your body to adapt and improve, so you can continue making progress. So use these days wisely and take care of yourself.

Greg O’Gallagher Diet Plan

When it comes to fitness and getting in shape, diet plays a crucial role. Greg O’Gallagher, the founder of the fitness program Kinobody, understands the importance of a well-planned diet to achieve optimal results. Greg’s diet plan became quite popular due to its effectiveness and simplicity.

Greg O’Gallagher emphasizes intermittent fasting as an essential aspect of his diet plan. He follows a 16:8 fasting schedule, where he fasts for 16 hours and has an 8-hour eating window. This approach helps him control his calorie intake and promotes fat loss while preserving muscle mass.

During his eating window, Greg focuses on consuming nutrient-dense foods that provide the necessary energy for his workouts. He includes protein-rich foods like lean meats, eggs, yogurt, and supplements to support muscle growth and recovery. Greg also incorporates carbohydrates in his diet, especially around his workout sessions, to fuel his intense training.

  • Lean meats
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Supplements

Greg O’Gallagher’s diet plan revolves around flexible dieting, allowing him to enjoy his favorite foods without depriving himself. He believes in the 80/20 rule, where 80% of his diet consists of whole, unprocessed foods, and 20% can be more indulgent options.

Overall, Greg’s diet plan focuses on balancing macronutrients and calories to achieve his desired physique. He understands that diet plays a significant role in his fitness journey and makes sure his meals are tailored to his goals, whether it’s bulking or leaning down.

What Supplements Does Greg O’Gallagher Take?

When it comes to supplements, Greg O’Gallagher is very selective. He believes in getting most of his nutrients from whole foods and only uses supplements to fill in the gaps in his diet. Greg’s eating philosophy is based on intermittent fasting, which means he has a restricted eating window every day. This approach allows him to maintain a lean physique while still building muscle.

Greg’s intermittent fasting program also includes periods of progressive bulking and shredding. During his bulking phase, he increases his calorie intake to support muscle growth. To meet his nutritional needs during this time, Greg takes several supplements.

  • Protein powder: Greg uses protein powder to ensure he is getting enough protein for muscle recovery and growth. He prefers whey protein isolate, which is quickly absorbed by the body.
  • Creatine: Creatine is a popular supplement for increasing strength and muscle mass. Greg takes creatine monohydrate, which has been extensively studied and proven to be effective.
  • Multivitamin: To cover any micronutrient deficiencies, Greg takes a high-quality multivitamin. This ensures he is getting all the essential vitamins and minerals his body needs to function optimally.
  • Fish oil: Greg takes fish oil capsules for their omega-3 fatty acid content. Omega-3s have numerous health benefits, including reducing inflammation and supporting brain health.

Greg also has a few favorite exercises that he incorporates into his workout routine to stay in top shape. He is a big fan of weighted chin-ups, weighted dips, and Bulgarian split squats. These exercises challenge multiple muscle groups and help to build overall strength and muscle mass.

Exercise Sets Reps
Weighted Chin-Ups 4 5-8
Weighted Dips 4 5-8
Bulgarian Split Squats 3 8-12

Greg’s workout program also includes compound exercises like bench presses and rope triceps presses. He believes that compound movements are more effective than isolation exercises for building strength and muscle. Additionally, Greg incorporates reverse grip bench presses, incline dumbbell curls, and single-leg pistol squats into his workouts to target specific muscle groups and add variety to his routine.

In conclusion, Greg O’Gallagher’s supplement stack is relatively simple and focused on filling the nutritional gaps in his diet. He prioritizes whole foods and uses supplements like protein powder, creatine, multivitamins, and fish oil to support his fitness goals. In terms of his workout routine, Greg incorporates a mix of compound exercises and targeted movements to build overall strength and muscle mass.

Minimal Workout for Maximal Results

Greg O’Gallagher, the creator of the Warrior Shredding Program, is known for his efficient and effective approach to fitness. His workouts focus on minimal effort for maximum results. By following his workout routine and diet plan, he has transformed his own physique and helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

One of the key principles of O’Gallagher’s program is the concept of progressive overload. This means gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts over time to continually challenge your muscles and stimulate growth. O’Gallagher emphasizes the importance of lifting heavy weights and doing compound exercises that recruit multiple muscle groups, such as bench presses and shoulder presses.

To maximize your workout results, O’Gallagher recommends a five-day training split. This includes two upper body days (focusing on chest, back, and shoulders), two lower body days (targeting legs and glutes), and one day for arms and abs. Each workout should consist of a few sets of heavy compound exercises, followed by lighter isolation exercises to work individual muscles.

  • Day 1: Chest and Triceps
  • Day 2: Back and Biceps
  • Day 3: Shoulders
  • Day 4: Legs and Glutes
  • Day 5: Arms and Abs

As for the diet plan, O’Gallagher suggests a flexible approach that allows you to enjoy a variety of foods while still meeting your nutritional needs. He encourages consuming a combination of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats at each meal to fuel your body and aid in muscle growth and recovery. He also recommends incorporating intermittent fasting into your routine to optimize fat loss.

“What you put into your body is just as important as the work you do in the gym. Focus on consuming whole, nutrient-dense foods such as lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.” – Greg O’Gallagher

In addition to following his workout routine and diet plan, O’Gallagher also suggests incorporating certain supplements into your regimen to support your fitness goals. These include whey protein powder, creatine, and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

By following O’Gallagher’s minimal workout approach, you can achieve maximal results in terms of muscle growth, fat loss, and overall fitness. It’s important to note that while this program may not be suitable for everyone, it can be an excellent option for those looking for a quick and efficient workout plan that doesn’t require depriving yourself of certain foods or spending hours at the gym.

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