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At Tibia City, we recognize the significance of making informed choices to lead a healthier life. Our objective is to arm individuals with the knowledge needed to make better decisions in regards to their health and wellbeing. Our platform offers current research on health trends, statistics, supplements, food, and much more, so that you can make healthy choices that positively impact your life.

At our core, we are committed to delivering trustworthy health-related information backed by science. Our team is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing by presenting cutting-edge research and industry trends. By providing such dependable information, we aim to empower our readers to make informed decisions regarding their lifestyle choices, exercise routines, and eating habits.

Our team is dedicated to providing support and guidance to individuals striving to reach their goals. Whether you are seeking to lose weight, enhance your fitness level, or simply improve your overall health, we are here to stand by you every step of the way. Our philosophy is that even minor adjustments can result in significant improvements, and we are committed to helping you implement and maintain such changes.

Our Team

At Tibia City, we’re fortunate to have a team of talented, devoted individuals who are passionate about promoting health and wellness. With diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, our team works together to provide top-notch guidance and resources.

Our team includes nutritionists, fitness trainers, health experts, and researchers who share a common goal: to help individuals lead healthier, happier lives. With reliable, science-backed information and advice, we are committed to supporting our audience every step of the way.


Founder & Content Creator

Tibia Fernandez, the founder of Tibia City – a renowned health and wellness brand, has been a keen advocate and follower of fitness and wellness for over a decade. With a plethora of certifications in personal training and nutrition, including other fitness certificates, Tibia possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to supplements, fitness, and wellness.

As a personal trainer for the past three years, Tibia is committed to helping clients achieve their fitness objectives and leading a healthier lifestyle. According to Tibia, a healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial to physical health but also key to a happy and fulfilled life. Therefore, Tibia is dedicated to sharing their knowledge and passion with others, inspiring and helping them make healthier choices.



Medical Contributor

With over ten years of experience in the field of pathology, Patrick M. Terry is a skilled professional who is dedicated to her craft. As a licensed medical doctor and specialized pathologist, he has extensive knowledge in diagnostics, research, clinical work, and teaching. Currently, Patrick is a valuable faculty member at a leading medical school that also functions as a prominent research center and tertiary care hospital.

Patrick has a vast array of professional interests with a particular focus on histopathology, cytopathology, and haematopathology. Beyond her clinical and educational duties, he has contributed significantly to the medical literature. Patrick’s dedication to disseminating reliable and easily accessible health information is evident through his role as a respected medical content writer and reviewer for various online platforms.

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